Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Phone

My phone broke so I got a new phone yesterday.

There are two Indian guys who work in the Verizon place on fourteenth street; I remembered them becuase that is who I got the last phone from.

They told me I qualified for a new phone, which is good. I didn't want to buy a new one. There was something langorous and bored about the way they showed me the upmarket phones. I told them I want one that is simple, and looks nice.

While they were doing the paperwork I watched the Seinfeld that was playing on a screen. 'Do you guys get sick of this playing all day?' I said. 'We don't pay attention.'

Then a guy with a beard and skate shoes stormed in and sat down beside me, visibly shaky. 'Can I help you?' said the be-turbanned Indian guy whose beard was combed upwards into his hair.

The guy pulls out his phone, one of these typing flip phones, and says, 'I need you to show me how to put a key lock on this so that my FUCKING GIRLFRIEND can't look through it!'

I just kept quiet and watched the Seinfeld. It was the one about the vasectomy - Elaine cuts her hair.

Later, I would lie in bed and listen to an argument between two sisters, their loud voices echoing around in the courtyard and through my window as if they were in the next room.