Friday, March 5, 2010

Hey Guys,

The big push for 2010 shirts on this blog is over now. Did anyone think my last post was funny?

I posted that before the hockey game on Sunday, which feels like years ago (in emotional years). I don't know if you guys watched, but Canada won. I nearly lost consciousness. I talked to every member of my family that day except for one, (mother) who was not in Canada, and probably would not have been interested anyways. My brother was in a large crowd on Granville street, which was probably a pretty central gathering point for yahoos, and he sounded very anxious and bitter; I imagined him half drunk, seeing the Crosby goal, walking quickly and excitedly from his apartment towards the center of the action, and then, getting closer to granville, getting jostled a little, and saying cutting things to strangers who only wanted a high-five. Then going back home. My sister said something like "all of the idiots are out", but she was at home, in her apartment. My dad was at his home. He told me he went onto the deck (my father lives on a steep hill, a quiet street) and screamed. Then there was silence again, I am assuming, and the sound of the creek that goes by his house, and the trees that never seem to stop dripping water. The clouds in that part of the world also make a noise. I laughed as he related it to me, walking in Bed Stuy, and thought about moving back to Canada.

You know what I ran into which is close to my place in Brooklyn? The place where David Lachapelle had his Bloc Party.

Whats been going on, guys, srsly...