Sunday, November 6, 2005

*Seeking Editor For "Franz Otto Ultimate Highballer"*

Ideal candidates are based in New York, are familiar with and appreciative of the work of Tao Lin, Ronald Bronstein's "Frownland", and the early films of Errol Morris.

Compensation will be negotiated and will reflect experience, motivation, general vibes, stoked-ness.

Email resumes and reels to

*Seeking Producer for Untitled Nunavut Project*

Idea for a documentary film about the marijuana problem in Igloolik. Seems retarded / hilarious / awesome. I think it could be held together, structurally, as an 'inquiry into a social problem' type documentary, while providing sweet images of 'Innuit bros' smoking weed and chilling, 'barren' landscapes, midnight sun, and answering the question 'what is it even like up there?' Could be made for ~15,000 with a three person crew. Would be shot by Peter Le. I imagine it would be pretty 'far out'/ existential / chill / beautiful / absurd (similar in tone to Vernon, Florida) and would be embraced by Marijuana enthusiasts (seems like a fairly big market). Ideal candidates know somebody who knows somebody who like, knows Atom Egoyan, or something.

To set up a meeting email

Peter Le
, Cinematographer