Sunday, February 28, 2010

8th Generation Joint

A first generation joint is made when you roll 5 roaches together into a roach joint.

A second generation joint is made with 5 roaches of roach joints (first generation joints), so one must smoke 25 joints to make a second generation joint.

A third generation joint takes 5 roaches of second generation joints. One must smoke 125 joints to make a third generation joint.

One must smoke 625 joints to make a fourth generation joint.

and so on, fifth...



To make an eighth generation joint one must smoke 390625 joints.

It is possible that there is a multiplier effect that I am not taking into account.

This would require over 1500 pounds of marijuana.

At an average price of $50 an ounce, it would cost over 1.2 million dollars for the amount of marijuana required to roll this many joints.

To do this in one year, you would have to average one joint rolled and smoked every 80 seconds, 24 hours a day.

The effect produced by an eighth generation joint is the highest state of spiritual awareness that can be achieved in a religion I forget the name of.


sources: Brent Jopson ~1998, this website