Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Freemans Restaurant

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I went here with my fiance; we were meeting my brother and his girl, who were visiting from out of town.
They were late, so we stood at the bar for a long time checking things out. I ordered the cheapest beer on the menu - a 'lowenbrau'. I said something to my fiance like 'do you think they make lowenbrau the cheapest to make you feel bad when you order it?' which seemed funnier then than it does now. It was $5.
There was a guy and a girl sitting at a table and looking at eachother, eating a desert with their heads very close together. The guy appeared to be in the band the virgins - or maybe just wearing the kind of outfit that would befit someone's idea of the virgins - and the girl was kinda hot with a grumpy / rich vibe.
The other people were expensively garmented and international. The decor was 'rustic' or something; like the kind of place people would picture bon iver chilling ~ 2008. Very 'of the moment' (or, perhaps, 'of the moment directly before 'the moment''?)
The food was okay, and we spent around $50 each. The total was $200. When I got home I got a double text message from my brother saying 'Thanks to Lauren for coming. Thanks for your couch last few days.Otherwise bro, that was my birthday dinner... I think you forgot. I know I'm sensitive but whatever. Later.'