Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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Hey Guys. Here are some things I have written regarding planting or being a planter. I also strongly encourage you to follow me on twitter and on tumblr.

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1. Blog of Two Seasons Planting
"my favorite blog ever" - a planter
-there was a lot of drama the first year including a stasher witch hunt + me being fired (almost twice)
(best of: the yossef stashing saga 1, 2, 3, 4 ; love story ; my crew ; cam's greed crew ; someone else gets fired)

2. Do It With Joy Review
-budget-ass documentary film made in 1976 about Dirk Brinkman + his camp
-I think I am going to try to get the filmmaker to let me upload it
*Update: Do It With Joy has been uploaded, to view the film become a fan of Franz Otto Ultimate HIghballer on facebook...

3. Summarization of Article on Planters from "Forestalk" magazine, 1984
-what I learned re: the genesis of the labor force

4. Sarah Anne Johnson
-"the only incidence of representation of 'tree planting' in a high art, sophisticated, international context" (link)