Friday, October 24, 2008

Tropical Storm Hannah

The sky (verb)ed with Tropical Storm Hannah
Rain, I said, I told it to rain rain rain
The water helped me to grow

I need swollen creek beds and damp earth
For my roots.
And when it stops I need mist over mountainsides
Sticks crunching underfoot, and dark green overhang
To maneuver in.

I went for a run in the East River Park
To be healthy
But also to see what it would be like in a tropical storm -
It came down harder than I’ve ever seen.

I splashed through knee deep puddles
Wearing no socks, water soaking into my eardrums,
I could hear it. It felt like being in a plane.
When you start descending and your ears won’t pop.
Awful feeling, - my hands were pruned up.

After fifteen minutes, I wished I had not come
But I was far away from my apartment. I cowered
Under an overpass, alone, and cold.
For a while. But it wouldn’t let up.

Then another jogger jogged by me and back out
Into the rain, and I knew he was right
so I followed
pretending that I was training for
an important athletic event.