Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kathy Lo

My friend Kathy has been interviewed for this thing.

When I first moved to New York to go to school and my Dad payed my rent, Kathy moved out from Vancouver. She had a camera and a duffle bag full of clothes, and probably like, a thousand bucks - she wanted to be a photographer. She asked if she could stay with me, and I said sure.

We slept in the same bed for a month, until my roommates asked me to make her leave. It was an 'uncool apartment situation.' We never 'did it,' which was kind of special. I doubt many straight people will have that experience.

We went to lots of parties and she took pictures of kids having fun and put them on her blog. It was called kathyisyourfriend. I am pretty sure she's 'over' that now.

I met her mom.

She runs the supreme blog, where I talk about the music I like, and nobody seems to comment or care.

She works for this magazine.

She's a busy, hard-working city girl.

Kathy is one of these 'downtown cool' creative types that corporations will pay for being in advertisements. They'll be like: 'we need cool downtown creative girls for our thing.' And then they'll be like: 'what about that Kathy girl?'

She loves cats.