Saturday, January 10, 2009

I want to integrate hermit shredding into my life experience

We were in a thrift store. I saw some old skate shoes with the fat laces, and I said 'I should get these.' Lauren said, 'no, then you'll look like a 90's skate kid.'

I said, 'sometimes I feel like a 90's skate kid in my soul.'

I am now looking at skate shoes on the internet. I want to be a "soul bro."

I have been talking a lot about moving to Kicking Horse or Rossland BC for a month. In my idea of it, I live in a small cabin with a wood burning fire place where I can see the snow and dark green trees outside. In my idea I wake up and look outside and if there is snow I go rip, and the snow is deep, and I shred. In my idea I have no thoughts, because I am always concentrated on the gnar, on turns, on lines, on making your lunch, on tweaking your grab. I will read books and feel like life is moving slow, like Last Days, or a Bela Tarr film. I will feel like I have lots of time. I will feel like life is a miracle. In my idea I only speak what is absolutely necessary for the whole time I am there. I am totally alone. In my idea I sometimes will write stories, and they will be calm and pastoral. They will be pretty. I will return to New York healthy and stoked and more grateful and at peace with my place in the world.

Craig Kelly. RIP, Bro. The world isn't shred enough without you.