Monday, January 19, 2009

Mike Mills: Soul Bro

Usually this kind of stuff has no interest to me, but I recently checked out that website, The Selby, where 'creative' people expose their houses/apts for people to see and doodle/write answers to questions in longhand. Other people of interest to me on the site:

Alexander Wang
Ryan Korban
Ingrid Sophie Schram

Mike Mills is a soul bro. He does not find meaning in the accumulation of cool or cute things, or the design of a nice space. He prefers things that are organic and real.

He is a director, so he has access to all kinds of money and glam, but he is committed to a life of the soul. He reads and has dogs. His furniture looks to be found and deteriorating.

He talks about depression, which relates to his film: Thumbsucker. Film deals with an alienated suburban teen. The alienated teen moves to Manhattan to escape his average/corrosive culture-less surroundings and runs through Times Square as like, Sufjan plays, or something. That's the end. Sorry to ruin it.