Saturday, February 14, 2009

buying a toothbrush

Today I bought a toothbrush. I had to choose between like 10,000 toothbrushes at the Duane Reade. All of the toothbrushes were colorful, and bright. They ranged in price from roughly 3 dollars to about 10. There were four or five brands, and one no-name Duane Read brand.

I didn't want to get the no name brand toothbrush because it didn't have those little plastic feeler-things on the side. The no-name's bristles were lighter colored, too, and set perpendicularly to the handle; whereas the other brushes had angled bristles that looked, I don't know, more agile and effective.

I settled on the Oral B Advantage Glide with a lime green handle and a tourqoise head and feelers. It was around five dollars. I think it is a middle of the road toothbrush, which is what I wanted.