Sunday, February 15, 2009

Heavy Vietnam Vibes

I watched The Deer Hunter last night, and started Apocalypse Now this evening. Maybe it is because I read Tree of Smoke earlier, but I feel like I am just coming to a place where I can understand/process those heavy Vietnam vibes.
The opening of Apocalypse Now gave me tingles. I couldn't find it on youtube, so here goes:
1) Slow mo jungle trees swaying with the beginning of the Doors' 'The End;' yellow smoke inexplicably rising from below like mustard gas, and helicopters flying through the front of the frame in slow mo, but still so quickly that you barely see them; and the helicopter noises are all stretched out and bass heavy - 'whuk whuk whuk whuk'
2) Trees burst into flames as Jim Morrison begins his singing 'this is the end,' the camera panning to the right, until Martin Sheen's face is super-imposed onto the left side of the frame, upside down, smoking a cigarette, sweaty, 'beautiful friend.'