Monday, November 23, 2009

I've started to review places on google reviews (what is foursquare? is it bad?). Tumblr has been activated. Ireadnytimes is being updated.

Been working some. I'm switching to 2 days per week to try to figure out what to do with "franz otto ultimate highballer"; considering releasing it as a vimeo account, editing to that kind of format or something.

I'm considering producing a copy of the MEC rad pant. MEC discontinued it. It is very popular with tree planters (esp. me). With good marketing this kind of pant could represent our changing values as people / a culture: it is lightweight, inexpensive, and quick drying (could play into ideas of an ecological collapse scenario). I believe people are looking for a way out of the current denim-centric pants paradigm. Lauren says she can make a pattern for me. Not really sure what that means. What do you guys think?

Lauren and I are going to make some olympics t-shirts soon. Going to Las Vegas for thanksgiving. Shoutout to Jody Rogac .