Sunday, November 1, 2009

cried in time warner cheer zone
The cheers and the music are what got my attention and drew me to the time warner cheer zone. Then I saw the people lined up against a police barricade. The runners seemed happy, proud; like they could express their personalities and vanities in this particular public setting without fear or shame.

One guy was running with a 6 foot tall model of the Eiffel tower strapped over his shoulders. Beside me a woman was screaming wooooo and holding a sign that said "go runners".

Just "go runners". All runners.

Her enthusiasm was so broad.

My throat started to swell, just taking it all in there, pushing my bike through the crowd. I had to go down into the subway station to cross the street.

I want a fender telecaster
a modest / neutral electric guitar
Cass McCombs and Jonny Greenwood both play a tele
Jonny's is probably tricked out
I might put some humbuckers on mine