Monday, February 2, 2009


Caught the 7 train home at Sheridan square and walked a block underground to the L train at 14th street and 6th ave. A lot of people were waiting for the train.
We all squeezed into the train, until we thought that we couldn't possibly squeeze any more. Then some guy said, 'everybody come on, let's go we've got to get in here,' and we squeezed even more.
I hated this man. I hated when he said that.
The doors tried to close a number of times but couldn't. The guy said, 'come on.' We squeezed even further.
We squeezed so much that the train couldn't run. The speaker said 'because of the door problems this train will be an express train and the next stop will be Bedford ave.'
People gufffawed and exited the train en mass. The whole time people were exiting the doors were trying to close on them. Then one guy put his back into it and held it open.
When the next train came we squeezed again. By the time we all got in it was so packed that a girl in front of me was having something of a breakdown. She said 'can you not push me!' to me, and I shrugged in the direction of behind me, where four or five people were pushing and squeezing. The girl gasped a little bit, as if she couldn't breathe.
Another, earthier woman called her out. 'You know nobody likes this,' she said, 'you're not the only person.'
The first girl pretended not to be offended in the way of a high school valedictorian.
Most of the people who were squeezed were quiet, including the main squeezer from the first train. I appreciated it.