Monday, February 2, 2009

Dissapointed that Nadal Beat Federer

I hate the way that Rafa dresses and I love the way the Swiss presents himself. Rafa reminds me of Villalobos.

Which is funny, because lately I've been listening to more music like this:

I like it because when you listen to it it's just there. Leave it alone. You might start to feel it after a while: if you can just stop thinking about whether or not it is good, or if it could be your thing, or if you would want to be seen listening to it.

Interview with Ricardo Villalobos:

You can imagine what his life is like.

I think he is interesting.

Have you seen it's all gone Pete Tong? It's about a DJ. I remember there are scenes of Pete Tong in Ibiza doing lots of drugs. 'Living the dream,' basically. And then the script makes him aware of his mortality, I think.