Thursday, January 29, 2009

The money goes into a black hole

It is not always that one person can become such a perfect object for the ever-present, swooping, irrational anger of the public.

Today I read his wikipedia entry and envisioned a made for TV film.

image courtesy of the always subtle graphics people at the economist

Bernard Madoff: A NonLinear Biopic

Opening Scene
-Andrew, Bernard’s son is being interrogated by IRS (2009)
-it comes out that he has lymphoma
-he is angered, but resigned to his dad’s sad fate
-he walks outside and is hassled by a copse of aggressive reporters

-Bernard at home with Ruth in 5th ave apartment, packaging up paintings
-Bernard talks about how he actually loves this one piece, how he really appreciates art
-He turns on the television
-you shouldn’t turn on the TV, says Ruth
-Stephen Spielberg’s picture is on TV, he has lost money in ‘Madoff Ponzi Scheme’

-mid 1950’s , Laurelton Queens
-young Bernard is delivering papers to the sound of AM radio pop
-he gets home and Dad is leaving for work
(somehow have to show his eagerness to please his father)
-B goes to school, more AM pop, girls in long skirts holding textbooks close to their chests
-he haggles Ruth, who feigns disinterest in his persistence
-‘one day I’m going to be big news, honey’

-Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC
-He sits, in a massive downtown corner office looking over documents
-camera scans documents, B has lost a ton of money
-secretary comes in and Bernard puts the documents under his desk

-a ballroom
-Bernard is being toasted for his million dollar contribution to a lymphoma charity
-Andrew is there, but does not look grateful
-Ruth is smiling
-Camera lingers on Bernard as he smiles awkwardly

-Palm Beach Country Club, 1985
-Bernard and Andrew play golf and talk about life philosophy

and so on