Saturday, January 31, 2009

Trip To Ikea

We wanted the NR, but ended up on the Q, and realized this later, getting out at Canal. The NR was not running, we learned. We waited for the M train and saw three J trains pass. The final one, I asked the conductor if there was an M train coming soon. She said there were no M trains on the weekend. We transferred to the 5 train, got off at bowling green, walked to pier 11 and boarded a special Ikea water taxi.

Some guy was talking to everybody on the boat, putting on a bit of a show, trying to make people happy. He said he was 50 years old and he loved his job. He told some jokes that nobody laughed at, and expressed a kind of menacing patriotism at times. He said he was from the Rockaways, and I wondered if he was a racist.

We got to Ikea and followed a gray cement path past thousands of shiny affordable objects. We bought three shelves and a cinnamon bun, then waited for the boat. Rode the boat. Walked to the 5 train. Took the 5 train. Got home. Tried to install shelves but realized we did not have the right drill bit. Walked to the hardware store. Hardware store was closed. Picked up laundry.