Sunday, January 25, 2009

The X Games

monster cane toad

Watching the X games on television yesterday created thoughts about the kind of energy drink I should be drinking.
Monster is lime green, which reminds me of ooze: a biohazard, and source of un-natural powers. It might be too extreme for me.
Rock Star, I think, is poorly named, and borrows a similar design sense from it's older cousin:
Red Bull. Probably the most mature of the energy drinks. Red Bull sponsored athletes like Travis Rice and Sean White tend to do incredibly well in X Games events, which may be a conspiracy.*
5-hour energy does not push for promotion on the X-games, but in my experience is small and does not work.
There is a case of ALL CITY at work. Somebody gave them to us for a promo, or something. They are designed by graffiti artists.
Jason took his tag seriously at one point in his life. Now he gets tired and says he's gotta go 'all city son!'

*Horgmo should have beaten Rice in Big Air, Mikkael Bang should have beaten White in slopestyle IMO

UPDATE 11:00PM: Sean White wins halfpipe undeservedly! Do you think his hairstylist travels with him?