Friday, January 16, 2009

Will the Recession Hurt my Downtown Bros?

A lot of conversation about the recession. The things I say in these conversations vary. Sometimes I say, 'At the store we are getting more resumes than sales.' This is probably 40% true.

I hear that most people are going about their daily lives, not really doing anything differently, and that these people will be broke soon. I hear the worst is on it's way.

What happens to the people in fashion? Surely there will be less market for expensive clothes. But there will still be some rich people. I think these rich people will try to look less 'rich,' out of sensitivity to the rest of poor people. What about people whose parents are rich? Do you think they will be able to keep spending all of that money or will their Dad's tell them to ease up a bit? Will their parents have to sell their apartments? Where will they go?

Last night I dreamed that Opening Ceremony closed down and it was so real that I had to google it this morning to make sure it didn't happen.

Will model's keep modeling?

Will Stephen Miesel still get paid $300,000 a day?

Will we want less Dash Snow solo shows?

Will anybody want to pay for art?

Will the doormen be able to continue rejecting potential paying customers because of bad sartorial decisions?

Will my rent go down?

I don't know. I think there are a lot of unemployed banker types who will soon be in our real estate market (oneBR's + studios under 1800) that weren't before. They will move downtown to 'tighten their belt,' and feel like they are 'suffering through the hard times.' This could drive prices up, potentially.

Jonny says these bank people will have to leave the city. But where will they go? What are they going to do in Minnesota? Become farmers?

I think they will be here. I think they will be trying to put things together for themselves.

Today I was at the B+H diner (favorite recession eating place) and I overheard someone talking about the recession. He was saying 'Paraguay is a good place to ride out the recession because they have something something something and it's really cheap to live.' He got me thinking.

Is is possible to move to a poor country and live cheaply just waiting for things to get better?

Aren't we sort of responsible for getting rich again?

As I got up to pay the bill I looked at the guy who was talking. He was like 40 and had a lip ring.