Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My girlfriend has more social status than I do but our cat loves me more

Lauren is assistant designer at a fashion brand. She went to Parsons School of Design. She makes, on average, twice as much money as I do. She pays more of the rent.

I am a soul bro.

Last year was my first real year out of college, and I stopped taking money from my Dad. I rented a room in Jonny's apt. in Bed Stuy so I could put my desk somewhere. He charged me $400 per month. I slept at Laurens, but didn't pay any rent. I felt pretty bad about myself. I was living off of like, dumplings and veggie patty subs. Every day I took the L train out to Jonny's house and stewed out there, alone, trying to "be productive." I called it my 'office.' I really felt like there was no future and that I would need to die. I thought about moving back to Vancouver, where I am from. People always talk about being young and hungry and working hard and whatever.

For a while Aran was living at Jonny's too. He would sit in his underwear and play the same songs over and over again. He was even more of a pauper: all he had was a rubbermaid container to draw on - full of bags and clothes and stank. We were like two kitties who didn't get along: as we were always aware of eachother's presence and intent on blocking it out - I also vaguely recall Aran actually hissing at me a couple of times.

After a while I got a job painting a house, and then did something ridiculous for Viacom. I watched and classified youtube videos for a copyright infringement lawsuit. I think that will go down in history as one of the most foolish wastes of corporate money since - I don't even know when. They payed me $25 per hour, and I watched comedy central for nine hours per day. This is when I got into online scrabble. I moved out of my office.

Then the job was over and I wanted to leave the city for a while so I went to plant trees. You can read about that here.

I came back to NY in late aug. Lauren's fashion brand opened up a store and I asked to work there, and now I work retail four days per week.

And we got a cat.

Here is my 'office.' I guess it doesn't look so bad.