Tuesday, January 13, 2009

PR Girls

I haven’t seen The City but I think it is about PR girls.

I have had conversations with two PR girls:

One is named Meagan and started her own firm. I think her whole operation is made of interns. I know her because she manages the company I work for, and I have talked to her a few times. She impresses me immensely because she is so ‘on it’ all of the time.

The other is my neighbor. She works for a company that handles fashion brands. Her superiors yell at her every day. They say things like ‘you must be fucking retarded.’

She says it is a nightmare. I like her a lot, because she has a sense of humor about it.

Her life is completely consumed by her job. She gets home around 9 each night, and starts blackberrying in her bed early in the morning.

Her boss will give her too much work, and then she’ll stay at work until 11, and then her boss will see her overtime and yell at her for being at work too late. She makes like 30 grand a year, and is so stressed that her hair is falling out. This is not a figure of speech or an exaggeration. She showed me.

She has only had time to leave the office for lunch once. I think now she is prepared for anything.

She might go to grad school.